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Appraising All Types Of Real Estate

Percival Valuations Real Estate AppraisalsPercival & Associates, LLC has been in the real estate appraisal field for over 30 years, appraising various types of real estate all over our state for many different lenders, estates, investors, government agencies, and municipalities. We consider it an honor to be trusted to determine the value of the real estate for our clients, as we have a real passion for getting the value right.

We will upon discussing with our client, help determine the correct type of value needed, and the best report format to be completed. An Engagement Agreement is then signed by both parties clearly spelling out the property to be appraised, the value sought, the property rights to be appraised, the expected completion date, and the free agreed upon, and how it is to be paid. We are then still available to answer any questions that may arise. We have appraised for Prospective Values, existing improvements, and Retrospective Values.

We have appraised single family residential, small income properties, multifamily, mobile home parks, retail/office, mixed use, multi-tenant, warehouse, mini-storage, gas stations, convenience stores, sub-divisions, hospitality properties, senior living facilities, special use properties, timberland, raw/vacant land, and every type of property that has been condominiumized.

Our reports are USPAP compliant and defensible. We support our valuations with market data, and surveys, to give you a credible value.


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